Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Welcome to Andjak & Associates

Andjak & Associates is proud to be an Edmonton, Alberta based custom metal and wall cladding company that specializes in commercial, agriculture and residential projects of all sizes. We have completed projects all over Alberta, and worked with home owners, business owners and General contractors.

Andjak & Associates, in partnership with Superior Custom Sheetmetal [SCS] has been expanding our customer base by providing prompt service, top tier workmanship and quality products. Working closely with our local suppliers, not only can we ensure timely delivery of materials to site, but also monitor the quality of each delivery to ensure it is up to Andjak & Associates' standards.

Andjak & Associates is a member in good standing with the Alberta Cladding and Decking Association (ACDA), Alberta Metal Building Association (AMBA) and is WCB Certified.